Woah man, looks like I have a lot to answer! I think I will put it in a neat little character profile dealie to organize it. (I will warn you now that this is gonna be KINDA HUGE)

Age: 26
Birthday: December 25th
Gender: Male
Occupation: Lab assistant
Hobbies: Playing piano, and building gadgets.

Nicolai doesn’t have powers per say, but he does have a weapon he uses quite frequently in battle. He invented a device that dispenses fiery cards from beneath his sleeve. It took him a while to master the handling of these cards, especially since they’re a dangerous thing to have.




Nicolai’s very clumsy and slightly gullible. His clumsy nature is practically a curse for him when he’s working in the lab. Due to some unfortunate accidents some of his fingers have been crushed and or cut off at some point. Even though they were fixed with surgery he cannot feel with some of his fingers and thus he has a bad sense of grip.


Haiga – His boss.


He’s kind of a butt.

Tomo – Enemy then future pal

Mom and Dad – Worst parents award

NOTE: Haiga and Tomo belong to the super awesome Swizz.

To be continued after the cut



Nicolai’s friendly and always chipper. To lot of people he comes of as a dork, and somewhat annoying. He has to tendency to talk a lot, though he’s willing to stop when asked. He’s fairly intelligent and takes enjoyment in building and crafting things. He’s very loyal to his friends and to people he cares about. While Nicolai caries all these positive traits he takes on a role as “villain”. Nicolai is fairly naïve and because of the environment he grew up in he never really distinguished what was good or bad. He always rolled with punches and assumed that whatever happened in his surroundings were the norm, whether they were good or bad.


Ever since Nicolai was a child, he has always gotten the short end of the stick. He wasn’t well liked in school because of his quirky nature and his parents were apathetic about his existence and almost never paid attention to him. His school was highly disciplined and it always carried an aura of seriousness that completely clashed with Nicolai’s personality. Nicolai never really liked that atmosphere and he would try to brighten it up, but the most he got was glares from fellow classmates and lectures/criticism from his teachers. Even with the world weighing down on him, he kept on being optimistic and used piano playing as a way to escape that atmosphere.

As much as Nicolai enjoyed music, he decided to pursue a scientific career instead. He enjoyed creating things, and he figured going into science would enable a closer relationship with his parents since they worked as scientists themselves. After completing high school, his parents introduced him to the secret government organization they worked for. The organization’s task was to create a set of genetically modified aquatic animals for weapons.* It was know as the XZ series. Since Nicolai was still in school and attending college, he was assigned a position as an assistant part time. Nicolai never quite knew what was going on behind the scenes of the organization, nor did he know about the experiments, but the secretive environment was enough to convince him that it was something super suspicious.  Shortly after getting involved the organization, his parents pushed Nicolai onto one of the leaders of the project, Haiga. In short, they slowly kicked him out the house, leaving him to live with Haiga.

*This ties into Koii’s story!

Upon living with Haiga, things started to change drastically. Haiga was the most ruthless individual he had ever met. He had little to no consideration for the people around him, and he was bent on success. Haiga always strived to be the best, even if it involved gratuitous amounts of wrongdoing and unethical processes. Working with Haiga granted Nicolai access to the secret lab that the organization had hidden away. When Nicolai learned about the XZ series and the experiments, he didn’t know how to feel about it, especially since it involved experimenting on living creatures. He never questioned it in the long run, and he performed what tasks his boss wanted to him to do. Haiga was fairly bossy and often took advantage of Nicolai’s assistance. Even though Nicolai was being overworked, he was ok with it. In his mind, he was happy to be of use to somebody rather than annoyance.

Eventually the main government caught onto the experiments and the XZ series was shut down. Haiga was fired and exiled. Nicolai had the option to stay in the science department, but as Haiga’s loyal assistant he decided to go along with him. He didn’t have much to stay for anyways.

A lot of things took place after being exiled. At one point Haiga went as far as to modify himself to be part dragon. Haiga wanted to establish dominance and prove that he much more superior than the ordinary human. Nicolai thought being part dragon was the coolest thing ever. So at one point, he asks Haiga if he could be a dragon too. Haiga decided to humor him and said yes. However, when the day came, Haiga decided to do something sinister. Rather than fulfill Nicolai’s wishes and turn him part dragon, he mixed him with a blue footed booby instead. The transformation was done haphazardly, and it left Nicolai with a mess of stitches on his back. Nicolai was obviously confused and in a lot of pain when he woke up. When inquired about what happened Haiga simply said it was a “mistake.” Nicolai had a few doubts but he went with it anyways and was quite happy with his newly acquired wings.

At that point forward, Nicolai was used for a lot of Haiga’s personal experiments. Despite all the side effects and consequences that came from being a labrat, Nicolai always complied with his boss’s terms. After a while, Nicolai was a complete mess. He looked like a Frankenstein reject and he had more stitches that a patched up quilt. At one point he even lost a leg, but that was due to his carelessness when he was working in the lab.

Present (Kinda WIP)

In present day he spends his time working in the lab with Haiga for the most part. Haiga never quite let the XZ series go, and he was always trying to come up with plans to find them so he can experiment with them again. Haiga also had an initiative to take down Tomo, the scientist that took his place after getting exiled. Tomo was part the reason why the XZ series was canceled in the first place and Haiga was obviously infuriated by it.

Nicolai eventually learns about Tomo and even had a brief fight with him at one point. Tomo tried to talk with Nicolai, and questioned Nicolai’s moral code but Nicolai answered with much backlash and refused to listen to Tomo’s reasoning. Haiga eventually steps into their argument and almost kills Tomo. As much as Tomo irritated Nicolai, Nicolai decided to secretly save him while his boss wasn’t looking. Nicolai didn’t quite understand why he decided to save Tomo. Maybe he just found Tomo interesting? After all, not many people tried to reach out and help him before.

Future (still a WIP)

A year or two after present day his boss comes with a rather nasty plan to capture the XZ experiments. While Nicolai always complied with his bosses plan, the plan Haiga came up legitimately made him uncomfortable. The plan involved the possible death of children. Nicolai had engaged in many types of crime by this part of his life, but he refused to do anything that involved the harm or death of children. This infuriated Haiga and Haiga decided it was about time he fired Nicolai.


They had a nasty falling-out and Haiga defeated Nicolai leaving him to die. Luckily for Nicolai, Tomo was around to fly down and save him. After healing up, and talking for a while he and Tomo became great friends. From that point on Nicolai became a lot better health wise and as a person. He was happy, and finally got to engage in things for the better good.

Miscellaneous Questions

What’s he like as a friend?

Probably the most loyal friend you could have! Nicolai’s willing to do just about anything for the people he cares about.  He gives his friends gifts, checks on their well-being, and always tries to make them smile. As much as loyalty is a good aspect, it’s also a huge problem! It turns him into a huge doormat and he’s easily taken advantage of. (See: He relationship with his boss) He will literally do anything, which is why he was a “villain” for a quite some time. He engaged in wrongful activity just for the loyalty he has for his boss.

How about a boyfriend?
Nicolai’s not really paired with anyone but if he WERE in a relationship he would be super awkward and dorky about it. He’s very unfamiliar with the feelings of love, especially since he’s been around the WORST people for a good portion of his life. So in short, he wouldn’t know how to deal with romance if it came to it. (That’s not to say he wouldn’t try)


Bonus: Kid Doodle


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