I have a busy two weeks ahead of me. I’ll see about reopening commissions when everything is sorted out.


School isn’t getting much cheaper and I’m already neck deep in debt, so it’s time to do commissions!


Sketches ($15 + Below)
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open

Color ($20 + Up)*
1. Taken
2. Open

*You will be placed in the color queue if the slots overflow. You will be contacted when a slot opens up. If you don’t respond within 2-3 days, i’ll move on to the next person on the list and so on.

Contact + Payment Info
If you’re interested in a commission contact me at
All payments will be made through paypal. You’ll be due to pay me AFTER I’ve completed your piece. Until payment is made, all pictures will have a watermark and be low res.

Simplistic Character vs Complex
- A simplistic character would be something easy to draw like this lil guy:

- A complex character would be something human, humanoid, or monstrous.

What I Don’t Draw
- Excessive gore
- Mechs and complicated robots or machinery (not my strong suit)

One Last Thing
These pictures are for you! Use them as your please, but please be sure to credit me if you repost it somewhere. It’d be much appreciated if you did.

NOTE: Maximum of 3 characters in a picture

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